Description: ccapp.exe is a process application that is attached to the Norton Antivirus program. It looks after the smooth functioning of both the auto-protect and email checking facilities within Norton, as neither of these can operate correctly if this service is stopped.

It also plays an important role in keeping Norton stable when it is required to perform in a multi-user environment. . For example, if two users were to be logged on to a Norton empowered network concurrently, then it may appear that two copies of the AV program are running at the same time, on two different task bars.

In fact there are not two AV systems running, but only one ccapp.exe file that is controlling everything. This program is therefore important for the stable and safe operation of your PC and should not be terminated.

Possible Issues: Any problems that might occur with ccapp.exe are generally repaired by running a registry scan and/or spyware and trojan scan..

Recommendation: Run a free scan with Error Repair & XoftSpySE to see if problems or trojans are present. Error Repair & XoftSpySE will scan and rid your PC of errors and trojans leaving it fully optimized, clean and at peak performance.

*We Recommend You Scan Your System To Repair ccapp.exe

The free scan will:

- Locate & Fix Problematic EXE Files
- Locate & Fix EXE Application Errors
- Clean Your System Registry & Rid PC Errors
- Increase Your PC Speed Up To 300%

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