Description: ntvdm.exe is a process application that provides an environment for an older style 16-bit process to execute on the more modern 32-bit platform machines driven by all Windows operating systems since Win ‘95.

ntvd.dll is especially relevantly to machines using the Windows NT operating system, operating in a 16-bit Virtual Machine format. In this situation, when a 16-bit program is started, the ntvdm.exe (and wowexec.exe) processes will both start to enable the program to run. Later, when you quit the 16-bit program, the ntvdm.exe will remain in memory, this being a design feature of Windows NT.

ntvdm.exe is left dormant in the memory in this way just in case you should want to work with another 16-bit program. Having said all of this, 16-bit technology is nowadays almost totally redundant, and very, very few programs would therefore need to be run in 16-bit format, Virtual or otherwise!

Possible Issues: Any problems that might occur with ntcdm.exe are generally repaired by running a registry scan and/or spyware and trojan scan.

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*We Recommend You Scan Your System To Repair ntvdm.exe

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