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What Are EXE Files?

The Windows operating system of your desktop or laptop PC contains literally thousands of Executable, or .exe, files, as they are more commonly known.

Every program that you have on your machine does what it does because the .exe application files ‘execute’ the tasks that need to be completed, in order for that program to function.

Every website that you view that is not completely, entirely static will be using .exe files in order that the site can be displayed properly.

Everything on your PC relies on .exe files to function; it really is as simple as that.

And, guess what?

With thousands and thousands of .exe files on your machine, supported by millions of Dynamic Link Library (.dll) files, sometimes the .exe applications you have will not work properly!

So, you need to be able and know how to do one of two things.

Either you can replace the .exe file that appears to be damaged, or you can repair them.

Replacing an .exe application file that appears to be damaged is a relatively simple matter.

Find an original copy of the .exe file that you know is not damaged, either from the original installation disk or from the internet if the original file was downloaded.

Remove the old.exe file from your PC and replace it with the new one.

However, before doing so, you need to look at what kind of .exe file it is before actioning this replacement plan.

For example, if it is a program installer that you have downloaded in .exe format, then, if it doesn’t work, you simply download it again.

If, however, it is an .exe file that is one of a group that together drive a program on your machine, then you may need to re-install all of the .exe files, or perhaps even the whole program, to get it to function correctly.

Exactly what kind of .exe application file it is that you are trying to replace will dictate how you go about that replacement operation, in other words.

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How To Repair EXE Files

There’s two different ways that you can go about repairing damaged or corrupted .exe application files, assuming that it is not possible to simply replace or re-install them, as highlighted above.

You might look at these as the difficult and the easy ways of doing the job, simply because that is exactly what they are!

The first (difficult) way is to search on the internet for detailed instructions on how to repair damaged .exe files.

There are many excellent techie forums and notice boards out there on the net that are crammed full of people with fantastically detailed knowledge of all matters pertaining to every single aspect of the Windows operating system.

Most of these wonderfully knowledgeable people are more than happy to help anyone less Windows-savvy than themselves (i.e. 99.99% of the population of planet earth) by freely giving detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly how to fix a huge range of problems that you may encounter on your PC.

Likewise, Microsoft themselves have hundred’s of ‘help’ pages on their website that again give very detailed instruction on how to fix every imaginable problem that anyone could ever encounter when using their Windows operating system.

The problem with both of these detailed, step-by-step solutions is that they are involved and potentially difficult, time consuming, and (frankly) somewhat boring for those PC users who are not really interested in all that techie stuff.

The second (easy) solution is to use professional tools to do the repair job for you!

In the first instance, simply run a deep Registry system scan using an award winning proprietary tool like Error Repair.

That should take less than five minutes, and will highlight each and every problem area that it finds in the Registry system that will require your attention.

It is then a simple matter of downloading the full Error Repair program, and using it to repair all of the problems that it has found, including fixing or repairing all of your damaged or corrupted .exe and .dl files.

Again, total time to effect the complete Registry repair – less than five minutes!

Like I said earlier, there is a difficult way and there is an easy way to repair .exe files. I know which one I would rather use!

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